Fenton's Naked Mom!

Okay okay, so, seems you've seen Home Movies and came looking to see if this was an actual site, eh?

Well, aren't you impressed. I was thinking of setting up a Home Movies fan site or something here, but there are plenty of those around already anyway. So how about I just pass along some links to other places like that, okay?...

Get Home Movies on DVD:
Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four are all available now from Amazon.com! There's a Home Movies 10th Anniversary Set too.

home movies homepage at adultswim.com
Brendon Small's website
soup 2 nuts (the people who did the animation for home movies)
Home Movies on the Adult Swim fansite wiki
home movies at tvtome.com
home movies at whoosh.org
the slapstick barbarian project
Home Movies on Wikipedia

now with 30% more gnome

Have you been watching Metalocalypse? You should!

What about Bob's Burgers? Hmmm? It's on Hulu.


(special thanks to marc of the carbon based mistake for sending me the actual picture of fenton's naked mom.)